Top 75 Most Valuable UK Brands 2020

BrandZ released the report, which studied UK brands facing major crises.

UK top 75 brands released by BrandZ:

Confidence is the key to recovery and growth

If brands want to increase brand value, sales, and shareholder returns, they need to promote a new virtuous cycle of trust. They have to boldly transform their business to meet changing consumer priorities and values, and create an important differentiation.

Affected by the covid-19, the value of the top 75 brands fell

In 2020, the total value of the top 75 UK brands is 229.288 billion U.S. dollars (about 181 billion pounds). This is a decrease of 13% from a year ago and is the second consecutive year of decline in the value of UK brands. At this rate, there will be no UK brand in the global top 100 in three years.

UK brands lack differentiation

The new analysis shows that differentiation from other brands within the same category is considered a key factor in the long-term growth of brand value. What worries UK brands is that they generally lack a sense of differentiation.

The challenge is huge, but some brands show “possibility”

Stores closed, supply chains were disrupted, and travel came to a standstill. All this has created an incredibly severe market environment. But even in this environment, those brands that have the courage to invest in innovation and brand building have been reaping returns. Four of the top 75 achieved double-digit growth.

The ranking results reflect the diversity of daily life in the UK

The top 75 brands cover 25 categories, including all aspects of consumers’ daily lives, from retail to clothing, catering, travel, entertainment, and communications.

Large companies dominate the rankings, but still vulnerable

The top 5 UK brands have not changed since last year. All brands have experienced double-digit declines in value and therefore maintained their relative positions.

Changes provide opportunities to be closer to consumers

People are taking a new look at these brands. Consumers believe that brands can provide comfort, creativity, meaning, reliability, and leadership.

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