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Microsoft closes $20 billion acquisition of voice tech company Nuance

Microsoft has announced the closing of its $20 billion acquisition of voice technology company Nuance Communications. According to previous reports, Microsoft announced the acquisition of Nuance in April last year. The two companies said they would jointly create the future of artificial intelligence. With the help of AI, medical personnel can spend less time on documentation and more time with patients. Harness the power of artificial intelligence to help organizations across industries create frictionless, personalized customer experiences.

As the leader in voice intelligence in healthcare, Nuance’s products offer the advantages of safety compliance, high accuracy, easy installation and budget-friendliness. It is because of these advantages that its speech recognition technology is used in 77% of hospitals in the United States, and more than 500,000 doctors worldwide use the Dragen Medical platform.

In fact, the deal between Nuance and Microsoft is already on the horizon. In 2019, Nuance and Microsoft announced a strategic partnership to develop clinical intelligence (ACI) technology in the medical environment to enable self-documentation of clinical documentation in the examination room of the future. At the time, the two companies said they would work together to combine Nuance’s healthcare platform with Azure, Azure AI Services, Project Empower MD smart writing services, and various other conversational AI technologies developed by the two companies.

For Microsoft, this acquisition has value that cannot be underestimated. On the one hand, with the addition of Nuance, Microsoft can obtain the world’s leading medical intelligent voice technology and combine it with its own Healthcare Bot and other medical platforms to provide its customers in the medical field with more comprehensive and reliable products with service. On the other hand, with the high penetration rate of Nuance in the medical clinical side, Microsoft also has the opportunity to open up channels to contact more front-line users in the medical field, thereby expanding the influence of Microsoft Medical, expanding the market, and at the same time getting more The clinical case data further upgrades the power of its medical AI.

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