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FirmKnow is a media dedicated to introducing China firms tech news. In particular, innovative and technological firms. Here, you can subscribe to the latest technology news of China enterprises, including innovation news of large technology companies and startups. Through FirmKnow, you can try to understand why China’s innovation and creativity are improving. Thanks to the development of China’s economy, the innovation ability of enterprises is growing rapidly. On this basis, this ability feeds back China’s economy. Will large and small enterprises jointly promote the improvement of the country’s comprehensive capacity, which will give us more enlightenment? -Whether in the enterprise itself or at the policy level.

What We Focus On

In ‘Made in China‘, we will continue to introduce the manufacturing industry in China. We will not only introduce large enterprises, but also small enterprises with a large base. In many cases, it is many small enterprises that constitute the basis of manufacturing in China. Many of them stand out and overtake the industry and even turn themselves into big enterprises. In China, there is a saying called “invigorating the country through industry”. Compared with other industries such as finance, the manufacturing industry seems to contribute more to providing basic labor posts and driving the national economy. This is why we have developed this module. With the help of this module’s news, our readers can better understand the overall situation of China’s manufacturing industry.

In ‘Big firms‘, with our analysis, you can know the latest news of various leading firms in China, such as Alibaba, Huawei, Gree, Haier, whether they are enterprises with pure Internet genes or those developing in traditional industries. Their success may be embodied in the news and decision-making pushed by FirmKnow.

Database Of China Tech Companies

FirmKnow is also a database media, here you can find more information on China’s tech companies. Based on their information, you can make more favorable decisions, whether you’re an entrepreneur and an individual.

See into the future by China tech news

Today, when the global COVID-19 epidemic situation has not yet taken a fundamental turn, how should China companies and even global companies face a complicated economic environment? According to the data released by the National Bureau of Statistics on July 16, China’s economic growth turned from negative to positive in the second quarter, and the economic operation showed a trend of recovery growth and steady recovery. Maybe this year, China will become the only country in the world with positive growth. From the news of numerous business units in this country, we may find some clues and answers for economic recovery.

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