Posdsights Benchmark Report Q1 2022

Podsights has released its “Posdsights Benchmark Report Q1 2022.” Podcast ads offer several advantages, such as ideal target audience, brand safety, and seamless integration of ad creatives within the show. Podcast ad investment is expected to grow 30.6% last year.

The Podsights report noted that the average conversion rate for podcasting events in the fourth quarter of 2021 increased from the previous quarter to 1.42%. That said, conversion rates vary by impression. For those testing the podcast medium, the best goal was to get 400,000 to 800,000 impressions, which drove an average conversion rate of 1.24% and generated about 3,348 attributed visitors.

According to Podsight’s benchmark report, it takes 2-4 million impressions to get more than 10,000 attributed visitors, and running 8-12 million impressions will yield even greater gains. The report found it to be a very effective option for brands that have verified podcast ads and want to scale.

Advertisers can also increase their conversion rates by running podcast ads across multiple publishers or networks. Data from Podsight shows that the average conversion rate increases with the number of publishers. For example, the average conversion rate for advertisers using a single publisher was 1.09%, while the average conversion rate for using more than 11 or more publishers increased to 1.45%.

Ad placement is also important. In-stream podcast ads continued to deliver the best results, with higher conversion rates (0.87%) than pre-rolls (0.73%) and post-rolls (0.48%). Additionally, while embedded podcast ads (0.96%) generally outperformed dynamic insertions (0.91%) in conversion rates, dynamic insertions had higher conversion rates in certain industries, including gambling, professional services, fashion, and home furnishing.

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