App Commerce Goes Big Report Released by Criteo

App Commerce Goes Big in Asia-Pacific Report has been released by Criteo. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, apps are becoming indispensable tools for users to shop, entertain, and contact the families.

According to the related data, 55% of shoppers in the Asia-Pacific region have downloaded at least one shopping app (retail, food, or groceries/alcohol) at the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak. This phenomenon is more significant in Singapore, where 67% of shoppers have done so; 36% of respondents have installed new retail shopping apps in mid-May to mid-June this year.

The Result of the Study

  • About 50% of consumers in Singapore have downloaded the apps of food delivery or video conferencing during their home quarantine.
  • The type of app with the highest download volume is delivery (71%), followed by financial apps (61%) and retail shopping apps (59%) before the pandemic.
  • During the period of home quarantine, home entertainment is the most popular activity that about 30% of the respondents have downloaded games or streaming video applications.

During the period of home quarantine, 53% of respondents in Singapore have used the apps based on the recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues, in which it is higher than the average of 46% in the Asia-Pacific region.

The advertisement has also played a significant role in the app’s promotion. 47% of shoppers in Singapore have downloaded at least one app during the home quarantine due to the advertisement on social networks, TV, or other applications. Compared with others, the proportion of this phenomenon in the Asia-Pacific region is 60%.

One-third of shoppers in Singapore have increased their app usage during the home quarantine:

  • 56% of consumers have extended their time on using social networking, followed by food delivery (51%) and video conferencing (42%).
  • 42% of respondents have used food delivery apps multiple times a week; 38% of respondents have frequently used retail shopping apps, and 35% of respondents have used grocery/alcohol delivery apps.
  • 25% of respondents have used adult education apps multiple times a week.

When working from home, most shoppers in Singapore have frequently used public utility apps every week; 37% of respondents have downloaded the apps of home exercise; 35% of respondents have downloaded the apps of video conferencing, and 33% of respondents have used the financial apps.

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