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Xpeng Automobile Responded to the G3 Accident

There were obviously serious scratches at the bottom of the battery box causing serious damage

A Xpeng G3 Electric Car caught fire at Pazhou Technology Building in Haizhu District of Guangzhou at around 11:03am on August 11th , 2020. On the afternoon of August 11th , the official Weibo account of Xpeng Automobile released an explanation of the accident, saying that after the accident, the staff rushed to the scene in the first time, and the firefighters had put out the fire in time.

The crew members were safe and no one was injured, and the vehicle was quickly and safely transferred. After the company personnel site preliminary surveying, the appearance of the vehicle was intact. When going to the store to investigate, it was found that there were obvious serious scratches at the bottom of the battery box, which caused serious damage to the battery. The preliminary judgment shows it was the cause of the accident.

The company will conduct further detailed investigation and analysis of the accident soon.

Jack Chan

Pre Editor in chief of FirmKnow News.
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