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Tsinghua University Established the School of Integrated Circuits

The School of Integrated Circuits of Tsinghua University was officially established on April 22

The integrated circuit, known as the “heart” of electronic products, is the core of all information technology industries. At present, China’s integrated circuit industry continues to maintain high-speed growth, technological innovation capacity continues to improve, and industrial development support capacity has improved significantly. However, the overall technical level is not high, the innovation capacity of core products is not strong, and the overall products are still in the middle and low end.

The School of Integrated Circuits of Tsinghua University will focus on the “neck sticking” problem of the integrated circuit, focus on the frontier of integrated circuit discipline, break the discipline barrier, strengthen cross integration, breakthrough key core technologies, train the talents urgently needed by the state, realize the international lead in IC discipline and support the independent innovation and development of integrated circuit in China.

In terms of teaching staff, a high-level teaching and research staff will be established through flexible and pragmatic employment mechanisms such as concurrent employment and double employment. At the same time, the college will carry out a comprehensive integration of production and education with leading enterprises in various fields of the industrial chain, and carry out high-level talent training and high-level scientific research for the most advanced technology and urgent needs of the industry.

In terms of personnel training, the school of integrated circuits will recruit students of different levels and categories, including undergraduates, professional masters, academic doctoral students and special doctoral students. The undergraduate training will adopt the mode of large category training and academy training, and the training of master’s and doctoral students will focus on high-level innovative talents.

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