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TikTok parent’s founder Zhangyiming quits global board of directors

Founded more than nine years ago, TikTok’s parent, ByteDance and its founder Zhang Yiming finally ushered in delayed satisfaction, after Zhang stepped down as TikTok CEO in May 2021.

It was reported from Chinese media on November 3, the founder of ByteDance would quit from the board of directors and give his seat to Liang Rubo, CEO of ByteDance.

The business structure and reporting relationship of the enterprise are also adjusted accordingly.

ByteDance will be set up in six business segments, including TikTok’s Chinese version Douyin, Dali Education, the One-stop collaboration platform- Feishu, Digital service, the intelligent technology brand- Volcanic Engine, the game brand NUVERSE and TikTok, according to the internal letter released by Liang Rubo today. The corresponding section leaders, namely Zhang Nan, Chen Lin, Xie Xin, Yang Zhenyuan, Yan Xu and Zhou Shouzi, will report all to Liang Rubo.

In the last two months of 2021, 160000 staff in ByteDance will usher in a new environment and a new architecture.

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