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The List of Top Five Smartphone Sales in Q2

The market research firm Counterpoint Research recently released a list of the top five smartphone sales in eight countries in Q2, In the list, Apple is the top seller in Chinese market. 

The top five smartphone sales in Chinese market in Q2 are respectively iPhone 11, OPPO A8, Glory 9X, VIVO Y3 and Huawei Mate 30 5G, according to the report. Among them, only iPhone 11 and Huawei Mate 305G can be considered as flagship phones, and they ranked first and fifth respectively, indicating that iPhone still has strong appeal for domestic users.

In the U.S., iPhone 11 tops the list with 16 percent market share, while Apple hold three of the top five places. Samsung phones hold the second and third place respectively, but the combined sales of the two is still less than the iPhone 11.

When it comes to the UK market, iPhone occupies four of the top five places with an absolute advantage. In addition, the top four are all iPhones, and Samsung Galaxy A71 takes the fifth place.

Interestingly, in the Indian market, the top five are all Redmi phones, which is an indication of Mi’s popularity in India. It should be noted, however, that none of these belongs to flagship phones.

In the top five smartphone sales in France, Samsung and Apple occupied the first and second place respectively, while the other three are occupied by Huawei and Mi respectively. It is worth mentioning that Huawei has two mobile phones in the list, which may also be the consequence of Huawei’s  more attention paid to the European market.

In South Korea, surprisingly, the top five are all local smartphone brands, and all of them are  Samsung. Judging from their sales ratio gap, the statistics are amazing even. However, when we have the knowledge of the nationalism of South Korea, such results are not surprising anymore.

In Germany, the iPhone 11 is still far ahead in sales, taking two of the top five places, followed by Samsung, which also has two phones on the list. Huawei also made it into the top three, accounting for 5% of sales.

Finally in Japan market, iPhone directly monopolizes the top three, with the iPhone 11 accounting for a terrifying 19% of sales, and when adding the sales of the other two models on the list, it accounts for 39%. That means Apple has nearly two-fifths share of the smartphone market in Japan when just looking at the top five. South Korea’s Samsung and Japan’s Sharp are respectively the forth and fifth in the top five.

Jack Chan

Pre Editor in Chief of FirmKnow News.
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