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The Institutional Framework of Beijing Stock Exchange Comes Out

On the evening of October 30 Beijing Time, the CSRC issued three regulations on issuance and listing, refinancing, and continuous supervision of Beijing Stock Exchange and 11 relevant normative documents; At the same time, two regulations on the supervision of unlisted public companies have been revised, and two guidelines on the content and format of directional issuance of convertible bonds by listed companies have been formulated.

The CSRC also solicited public opinions on The Guiding Opinions on The Transfer of Listed Companies in Beijing Stock Exchange (Draft for comments).

Compared with the draft for comments, the official version of the measures for the administration of the registration of public offering of shares by Beijing Stock Exchange to unspecified qualified investors (for Trial Implementation) and the measures for the continuous supervision of listed companies of Beijing stock exchange (for Trial Implementation) have made certain modifications and adjustments in terms of the access conditions for issuance and listing, stock right incentives and varieties of sustainable financing.

At the same time, the conditions for the transfer of listed companies on the Beijing Stock Exchange were released, and the opening time of the Beijing stock exchange was basically clear.

  • The opening time is expected to be clear
  • Major illegal companies shall not make public offerings
  • No provisions on the types of equity incentive assessment indicators
  • Only those who have been listed on the Beijing stock exchange for one year and meet the conditions can apply for board transfer
  • The Beijing Stock Exchange implements the company system, and the formulation or modification of rules shall be reported to the CSRC for approval

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