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Tesla Raked in ¥800 Million in China New Energy Subsidies in the first half

According to the China Federation of Passenger Transport Associations, China’s total wholesale volume of new energy vehicles in the first half of 2020 was 328,600 units, down 38.61 percent year-on-year, .Under the environment of the sluggish car market and sluggish consumption, Tesla has yet gone against the wind and won a strong ranking. Tesla first succeeded in topping the list of risks of electric vehicles in China in the first half of this year with 46,508 vehicles, surpassing the sum of risks of Trumpchi AION S, Baojun E100, and Nextel ES6, which came next.

According to the data of compulsory traffic accident liability insurance for motor vehicles, the insured quantity of Tesla Model 3 with long battery life in China is 1 from January to April, and 1,537 from May to June. The domestic insurance volume of the Tesla Model3 standard battery model is 20,168 units from January to April and 24,802 units from May to June. Combined with the above subsidy amount, the total subsidy obtained by tesla in the first half-year is about 827 million yuan.

In addition, the data of compulsory insurance shows that in the first half of 2020, the accumulative insurance amount of pure electric vehicles in China is 227,882, and among which, the insurance amount was 116,498 vehicles from January to April and 111,384 vehicles from May to June. Since Tesla’s subsidy standard is almost the highest in China, the reference amount of its subsidy can be used to estimate the total amount of the highest subsidy received by the national pure electric vehicle market in the first half-year.

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