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Tanyuan Tech Disclosed Pre-plan for the Non-public Stock

On the evening of August 27, Tanyuan Tech disclosed the pre-plan for the non-public stock issue, raising a total amount of no more than 508 million yuan for the project of the high-performance cooling module, the project of graphite radiation cooling and heating system, the project of 3D curved glass on vehicle, the supplementary working capital and the repayment of bank loans.

3D glass forming process enables various switches and operating elements to be designed arbitrarily. Haptic feedback transfers the (intuitive) principles of traditional switches, such as tactile confirmation during switch conversion, to the closed sensory operation surface of YaKoMo. It helps drivers focus on driving to drive more safely.

Tanyuan Tech is a company based on the consumer electronics market. Currently, it mainly focuses on the mobile phone high thermal conductivity graphite film market, 5G market, and the application of carbon materials in the green building field.

Jack Chan

Pre Editor in chief of FirmKnow News.
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