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Swedish Private Equity Giant EQT Buys Baring Asia for 6.8 Bn Euros

Swedish private equity firm EQT (EQT Group) has reached an agreement to acquire Baring Private Equity Asia (hereinafter referred to as “Baring Asia”) for a total transaction value of EUR 6.8 billion. Upon completion of the transaction, EQT will acquire a 100% stake in Baring Asia Management, the general partner entity of Baring Asia’s controlled funds, and may receive excess returns from certain existing funds (including Baring Asia Fund No. 6 25% excess return and 35% excess return of Fund No. 7). Some people in the investment industry said that EQT is closer to an asset management platform, so it pays special attention to the diversified coverage of regions and product lines. Previously, it also set up a team in Asia, but in terms of market activity, it is relatively general, and the core of cooperation with Baring Asia is to supplement geographical coverage.

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