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OFILM clarified they’re removed from the Apple supply chain

OFILM: It's not true

According to media reports, OFILM Group Co Ltd was removed from Apple’s supply chain and most of its touch orders went to Lens Technology (300433.sZ). Previously, Apple’s iPad low-cost version’s touch module was supplied by OFILM, GIS, TPK three together. Affected by the news, the secondary market reaction is obvious, two Apple supply chain-related companies share price shaken volatility.

In order to respond to this, OFILM issued a statement to clarify that the rumor saying the company was removed from the supply chain list of major American customers is not true. Over the years, the company has been providing products and services to major customers in the United States. The partnership between the company and major customers in the United States is good, and the order situation is consistent and stable, instead of being “removed from the supply chain list” by major customers in the United States.

Later, Lens technology-related officials responded to The Times reporter that the company did not release the OFILM orders related to the relevant information.

On the same day, a technology industry analyst told Time that Lens is now penetrating into Apple’s supply chain. And its subsidiary, Lens Intelligence, is already a top tier touch supplier for major customers and has the capacity strength. It can not be ruled out the possibility of taking orders for business from OFILM or other manufacturers in the future.

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