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Leyard: the first Micro LED display mass production base’s schedule in late October remains unchanged

Leyard (300296) recently said in an institutional survey that since Q2, the domestic intelligent display business has recovered rapidly, and the company’s related business is expected to make steady progress in Q3 and Q4, and orders will gradually return to normal. At present, the company has started to sign orders for Micro LED display. Meanwhile, its joint venture company Li Jing Microelectronics has met the conditions for the industrialization of Micro LED display. As for the progress of the first Micro LED display mass production base in the world, due to the heavy rain in the south in the early stage, the equipment arrival has been delayed, but now the production schedule in late October remains unchanged.

Leyard is a global leader in audio-visual technology products and their cultural applications. Its business includes four major sections: intelligent display, urban light environment, new formats of cultural travel, and virtual reality technology.

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