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Inner Mongolia Established A Virtual Currency Mining Enterprise Offence Reporting Platform

March 19 (ChainDD) The Resource Conservation and Environmental Protection Department of the Inner Mongolia Development and Reform Commission issued The Announcement on Receiving Complaint Letters from Virtual Currency Mining Enterprises.”

The announcement pointed out that in order to fully implement the deployment requirements on ensuring the completion of the Fourteenth “Five-Year Plan” energy consumption dual-target tasks, it will comprehensively clean up and shut down virtual currency “mining” projects.

The Autonomous Region’s Energy Consumption Dual-Control Emergency Command Office has specially set up a virtual currency “mining” corporate reporting platform to fully accept complaints and reports about virtual currency “mining” companies.

The reporting scope covers:
1. Virtual currency “mining” companies (including other hidden forms of “mining” companies and entities);
2. Virtual currency “mining” companies that pretend to be data centers that enjoy preferential policies in tax, land, and electricity prices;
3. Companies that provide services such as site leasing for companies engaged in virtual currency “mining”;
4. Enterprises that obtain electricity supplies through illegal means and engage in virtual currency “mining” business.

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