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Huawei insider: we have reserved chips and will launch P50 and Mate 50

According to a Huawei insider, Huawei has shifted its business focus to other categories other than mobile phones. Huawei’s consumer business in China is driving businesses and channels to make five major industrial transformations, namely PC&tablet industry, HD industry, wearable &audio industry, smart IoT industry and mobile phone industry.

He said that Huawei’s strategy for mobile phone business is basically to extend the life cycle of mobile phone business with limited chips. Huawei has not stopped the research and development of the P Series and Mate Series, and the P50, Mate 50, and other follow-up models will be released. “8 million pieces of Kirin 9000 would have been sold out if they were put on the P40, and we have reserved a considerable number of them for the follow-up P50 and Mate50.”

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