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Huawei Did Set Up the Screen Driven Chips

It is said that Huawei did set up the screen driven chips unit and Haitsi’s first OLED Driver is already been fabricated.

According to revealings, Yu Chengdong of Huawei recently issued a document titled Notice on the Establishment of Display Driver Products Field of Terminal Chip Business Department. The notice pointed out that although China has become a big-screen production and export country, screen driven chips are mainly depending on importing.

It shows that Huawei wants to set up a department to make screen driven chip and enter the screen industry.

Huawei said it did set up the unit.

As known in the industry chain, Huawei has been working on relevant projects as early as the end of 2019. Huawei Haisi’s first OLED Driver is already been fabricated.

Jack Chan

Pre Editor in chief of FirmKnow News.
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