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Huawei 5G OpenLab established to help Shanghai build a collaborative innovation ecosystem

On August 6, Huawei held a 5 “chances” summit with the theme of “New Value and New Opportunity” in Shanghai. Huawei believes that this year is the year of 5G large-scale commercial application, and 5G will bring new developing opportunities to human society through the integration of five major fields, including connectivity, AI, cloud, computing and industrial applications.

At the summit, Zhang Jianming, deputy director of The Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission, announced the official establishment of the Shanghai 5G OpenLab. The 5G OpenLab is one of Shanghai’s 5G special major projects. After its establishment, the center will accelerate 5G industry agglomeration and help Shanghai build a collaborative innovation ecosystem.

Jack Chan

Pre Editor in chief of FirmKnow News.
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