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Global Crypto Market Value Increased 4.17% Compared With Last Week

According to ChainDD Think Tank, as of August 2 2021, the total cryptocurrency value is $1,600,159,011,11 (approximately 1600.2 billion US dollars). The total market value of digital currencies this week has gained around 64.0 billion compared with last week, with an increase of 4.17%.

The total market value of the TOP 30 cryptocurrency is $1,454,200,099,975 (about 1454.2 billion US dollars), accounting for about 90.88% of the total market value of all digital currencies, with an increase of about 3.64% compared with last week.

This week’s largest market value is Bitcoin, which is about 746.4 billion dollars, accounting for about 46.64% of the total market value.

Ethereum is in second place, which is worth about 298.6 billion dollars this week, accounting for about 18.66% of the total.

USDT comes in third, which is worth about 62.0 billion dollars, or 3.87% of the total.

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