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Google Engineer Francois Chollet Criticizes OpenAI

On June 12th, Google software engineer François Chollet expressed his concerns about the current state of AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) research during a conversation with podcast host Dwarkesh Patel.

Chollet stated that a few years ago, all the most advanced research findings were openly shared and published, but the situation is no longer the case. He attributed this change to the influence of OpenAI, accusing them of causing a “complete closing down of frontier research publishing.”

Chollet criticized OpenAI for hyping large language models, which he believes has diverted resources and attention, leading to the neglect of other potential areas of AGI research. He said that OpenAI “changed the game rules by themselves,” essentially setting back progress towards AGI by probably 5 to 10 years.

Chollet recalled the early days of artificial intelligence research, where despite fewer participants, the pace of progress felt faster due to the exploration of various different directions. He lamented the current state of the field, as it seems that everyone is now doing variants of the same thing.

Chollet is a Google deep learning engineer, the creator of the neural network library Keras, and the author of “Deep Learning with Python.” Along with Mike Knoop, Chollet founded the ARC-AGI competition in 2019, with a prize of 1 million dollars. This competition measures AGI’s ability to acquire new skills and efficiently solve novel, open-ended problems.

Chollet stated that the goal of setting up the aforementioned award is to increase the number of researchers focusing on cutting-edge AGI research, rather than playing with large language models.

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