Facebook Launches The 2020 Facebook Holiday Package

This global marketing guide highlights trends and insights from Facebook IQ

Facebook Launches The 2020 Facebook Holiday Package, in this global marketing guide from Facebook IQ, around shopping behaviour during the 2019 year-end season, consumer behaviour in response to COVID-19 and observations from past economic downturns. To understand seasonal shopping behaviour, Facebook IQ commissioned YouGov to conduct research in 31 markets. A minimum of 1,500 respondents were surveyed online for each market from Dec 2 to Dec 24, 2019.1.

According to this report, the year-end season is a time when new shopping behaviours emerge. As the COVID-19 pandemic has brought changes to many aspects of life, new habits formed at this time are likely to shape trends for the 2020 season and beyond. Where it includes global statistics, the report has also included regional breakdowns.

Alongside these insights, Facebook’s report has included recommended courses of action and creative campaign thought starters to help you adapt and plan for the season ahead.

The 2020 Facebook Holiday Package Contents

The contents include:

  • Gen X and Boomers dominate global mobile and eCommerce growth
  • People may prioritise Mega Sales in the face of economic challenges
  • Self-gifting and seasonal shopping can be positive outlets in difficult times
  • Disruption drives receptivity to new products and services
  • People look for affordability, brand authenticity and alignment with their personal values

The 2020 Facebook Holiday Package

The 2020 Facebook Holiday Package gives few general considerations for the season ahead. It suggests remembering to adapt your tone and content to suit the times we all live in.

Facebook considerations

Creative considerations

In the end, The 2020 Facebook Holiday Package noted,

This year’s festive season will feel different compared to years gone by. In light of everything that has happened throughout 2020, people will feel grateful for what they have, and treasure time spent with family and friends. For this reason, year-end will still be a time to shop, gift and celebrate.

As you plan your campaigns and craft your messages, use the insights in this guide to understand people’s evolving concerns and new behaviors. Additionally, the creative recommendations will help you build frictionless, personalized experiences at scale.

At Facebook, we believe in the potential of people when they come together. This year, brands have the opportunity to be part of people’s stories as we navigate this trying time and reconnect with loved ones.

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