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EQT Acquires Shanghai Guardian

Private equity giant EQT acquires controlling stake in Shanghai Guardian

Sweden-based private equity giant EQT announced that it has acquired a controlling stake in Shanghai Guardian Environmental Technology Development Co., Ltd., China’s largest pest control company. EQT said it will support Gatorade’s next phase of growth by driving the consolidation of China’s highly fragmented pest control market, while leveraging EQT’s internal digital and sustainability capabilities, industry expertise and global consulting network.

Guardian is a local pest control operator in China with a strong market position in East and South China. From the perspective of ESG, Guardian has the ability to continuously improve urban living conditions through pest control, which is in line with the current preference of private equity giants for ESG topics.

Last week, EQT announced an agreement to acquire Baring Asia Investment Fund to strengthen its presence in the Asian market. A new acquisition was announced again within a week, which shows the rapid implementation of its strategic layout.

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