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Digital Transformation in Manufacturing is urgently needed in China

So Is The Acceleration Of The Development Of The Manufacturing Service Industry

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Industry in China –

Today, October 28, at the Chengdu City Summit, Hong Fangming, President of HUAWEI CLOUD China, pointed out that the digital transformation of China’s manufacturing industry was urgently needed, and it was the key to accelerate the development of the manufacturing service industry.

Hong Fangming said that currently Europe and America had entered the post-industrial era, which had been transforming from labor-intensive to human and machine cooperation and gradually building a high-value manufacturing service industry chain, and that its manufacturing service industry had accounted for 50% of the total economy. China’s manufacturing industry has also developed very fast in recent years. Large industrial enterprises are also facing challenges, such as digital transformation and intelligent upgrading.

They need to make full use of cloud, 5G, AI, and other technologies, and the combination between consulting and management systems with industrial software, cloud-enabling technology, the continuous innovation of Know-How and computing power platforms, as well as to improve quality and efficiency, and to continuously release potential business value.

Smart Industry
Smart Industry
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As a large-scale manufacturing company, HUAWEI provides leading manufacturing services for Chinese manufacturing companies. It has leading management systems such as IPD, ISC, and LTC, which are combined with enabling services such as application enablement, data enablement, and AI enablement. In addition, it has AI-HPC cluster and cloud computing power services, as well as Know-How of electronic information manufacturing, marketing, internationalization, and supply chain.

In Sichuan Province, China, HUAWEI has helped 100 large scale companies in the digital transformation, including Changhong, Wuliangye, Languang, Panzhihua Iron and Steel, PetroChina, Sichuan Tobacco, etc.

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