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Chip out of stock affected the automotive industry, a number of auto giants announced shutdown

Affected by the epidemic, the international chip market is in short supply. Not only the mobile phone industry but also the automobile industry is affected. Many automobile enterprises, such as Volkswagen, Ford, and Toyota, have to take measures to deal with the crisis, such as reducing production and so on. Daimler will give priority to the production of Mercedes Benz S-class and other models with limited chip supply. The Volkswagen Group ensures that the chips will be given priority to the supply of the cars owned by Porsche and the new pure electric SUVs launched by Skoda. Bernstein Research estimates that the global shortage of automotive chips in 2021 will cause a loss of 4.5 million vehicles, equivalent to nearly 5% of the global annual output.

Jack Chan

Pre Editor in chief of FirmKnow News.
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