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China Eastern Airlines Plane Crashes with 132 Passengers

On March 21, a Boeing 737 passenger plane of China Eastern Airlines carrying 132 people had an accident in Tengxian, Wuzhou, Guangxi, and caused a mountain fire. At present, rescue teams have been assembled and approaching, and the casualties are unknown.

According to several aviation media, China Eastern Airlines MU5735 flew from Kunming to Guangzhou. According to Flightradar24, the speed and altitude have dropped sharply near Wuzhou. The normal landing time of the plane should be 15:05 pm.

The crash of the plane triggered a wildfire, which burned bamboo and wood near the scene. Firefighters rushed to the scene and extinguished most of the wildfire.

Villagers heard loud explosions

A local villager said in a telephone interview with reporters that after the accident, he and three other villagers drove a motorcycle to the scene and saw aircraft wings and debris, as well as a large number of cloth strips hanging from trees. He said that at about 14:40 that day, after hearing a loud explosion in the village, he immediately rushed to the crash site by motorcycle to see if he could participate in the rescue. After three or four minutes of driving, he did not see the victims after arriving at the scene. remains. According to his visual estimation, the mountain fire caused by the crash was about ten acres.

A village cadre who participated in the rescue at the scene told reporters that the plane in which the accident occurred had completely disintegrated, and he did not see the remains of the victims at the scene.

Shares of China Eastern Airlines and Boeing plummeted

China Eastern Airlines Hong Kong stock (00670. HK) plummeted at around 15:47. In just a few minutes, it once fell by more than 8%. As of the close, the stock price fell 6.46% to HK$2.75 per share. As of press time, China Eastern Airlines U.S. stock (CEA.US) plummeted 16.08% before the market. In addition, Boeing US stocks (BA.US) fell more than 6% in pre-market.

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