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Bloomage Biotech: The World No.1 in Hyaluronic Acid Market

Bloomage Biotech Makes Zhaoyan Family Rich

It is worth noting that the Zhaoyan & family of Bloomage International ranked 94th with a wealth of 46 billion yuan.

Recently, the Hurun Research Institute released China Rich 100 List 2020. As the most influential financial ranking list in China, the Hurun 100 Rich List has aroused heated discussion once it is released. It is worth noting that the Zhaoyan & family of Bloomage International ranked 94th with a wealth of 46 billion yuan.

bloomage rank
Bloomage ranks in Hurun China Rich 100 List 2020

When it comes to Bloomage International, it is not difficult to think of Bloomage Biotech, which is owned by the company. And when it comes to hyaluronic acid, many people who would like to make themselves beautiful will inevitably think of Bloomage Biotech.

As the largest hyaluronic acid production and marketing enterprise in the world,  Bloomage Biotech provides hyaluronic acid raw materials for many international famous brands such as Estee Lauder, L’Oreal, Mentholatun, Procter & Gamble, and so on. In addition, its series of medical beauty and skincare products are also sought after by the public. Palace Museum Lipstick, a joint product cooperated by Bio Hyalux of Bloomage Biotech and the Palace Museum, has created delightful sales of 80000 pieces a day.

Behind Bloomage Biotech, the one who controls 1/3 of the global hyaluronic acid business is a gentle, sweet-looking female entrepreneur who loves to tie a ponytail. She is Zhao Yan.

She started her career in Hainan Province China, went north to get rich, and came to Shandong to build a “hyaluronic acid empire” supported by science and technology.

How did Bloomage Biotech come from?

Zhao Yan, who studied biology in university, has a pure love for biology. Once she has a chance, Zhao Yan returned to her favorite biological field again.

Bloomage Biotechnology Zhan Yan

At the end of the millennium, Zhao Yan returned from starting a business in the capital, and she has made great achievements in the fields of real estate and investment. Occasionally, she met Guo Xueping and other researchers from Shandong Institute of Biomedical Research. At that time, Bloomage Biotech (then known as Freda Biotechnology Co., Ltd.), which was set up for more than a year by researchers of Shandong Institute of Biomedical Research, had invested more than 8 million yuan, but it was still in a state of lossmaking. Scientists who have been studying technology all the year-round were not good at running and managing enterprises, so they planned to look for new investors.

Bloomage Chief Scientific Officer Guo Xueping
Bloomage Chief Scientific Officer Guo Xueping

At that time, the development of China’s domestic aesthetic medicine industry was still in its infancy. The general public had never heard of “hyaluronic acid”, let alone saw its development prospects, and even knew very little about what it was. Therefore, many investigators came to the enterprises to have a look and left. When Zhao Yan came to the company, hearing Dr. Guo Xueping unintentionally mentioned that “a hyaluronic acid molecule can lock 1000 water molecules“, she was refreshed and saw the huge development prospects of small hyaluronic acid molecules. Even though this was biotechnology she had never been exposed to, she firmly chose this path.

China medical aesthetic industry
Market size of the aesthetic medical and surgical industry in China from 2012 to 2019, with a forecast until 2023(in billion yuan)

As an investor with a biology background, Zhao Yan knew that skin problems are mostly caused by the imbalance of water and oil in the skin. “If I can expand this product to the field of cosmetics and use it on the skin, the market will be broad.” After that, Zhao Yan took 50% of its equity at a price of 1.5 times the total investment.

After taking over the company, Zhao Yan hired the general manager at his own expense, established the standard and organization structure, and carried out the systematic management transformation of the company from inside to outside. In the first year of taking over, the company made more than 3 million yuan.

After that, Guo Xueping and other scientific research talents devoted themselves to overcome the technical difficulties. When Zhao Yan first took over, the hyaluronic acid fermentation yield of Bloomage Biotech was less than 3G / L, and now it has developed to 12-14g / L. Zhao Yan led the company to invest in the construction of the plant and expand the production scale. In 2007, Bloomage Biotech became the largest hyaluronic acid R & D and production enterprise in the world.

Bloomage Biotech, the technological innovation of hyaluronic acid

As a leading enterprise in the global hyaluronic acid industry, technological innovation is the foundation of Bloomage Biotech’s survival.

Bloomage Biotech Product Line
Bloomage Biotech Product Line

Bloomage Biotech pioneered the microbial fermentation technology of hyaluronic acid in China. Different from the original chicken crown extraction method commonly used abroad, Bloomage Biotech broke through foreign technical barriers and realized industrial scale. It has laid a solid foundation for Chinese enterprises to enter the field of research and development and application of hyaluronic acid, thus changing the global use pattern of hyaluronic acid.

“Made in China must have product power, so we have been persisting in and continuously innovating in China for 20 years. As a high-tech enterprise in China, I want to make a product that makes Chinese people proud and respected by the world. ” Zhao Yan said.

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